It's flu season

It is definitely flu season. We can help! Vitality binds viral particles and moves them safely out of the body. This might be a year old article but nevertheless still very appropriate. With different viruses going around, Vitality might just be what helps you get through the winter.

Environmentally-Caused Disease Crisis?

When Dr. Paul Winchester, a pediatrician, moved to Indiana from Colorado in 2002, he noticed something disturbing—a high number of birth defects. “I was used to the number of birth defects I should see in a community hospital,…”

13 Toxic Products Linked to Cancer

“We are all exposed to many different harmful chemicals on a daily basis. This is why I’m going to tell you about five common household items that you need to get rid of to improve your health, and the natural alternatives that you can replace them with.”

Weedkiller Found in All Kids' Cereals Samples

Unfortunately it is very common to find toxins in our food nowadays. This article talks about glyphosate found in cereals that we feed our kids and ourselves daily. Learn more about it, so you can make better choices for you and your children.

Before You Get Pregnant

When news of the water crisis in Flint, Michigan broke, people around the world – especially parents – were horrified. Over 100,000 people had been exposed to high levels of lead in their drinking water, a particularly dangerous situation for young children…

Mold in your house can affect your health

We are not always aware of the hidden things that cause discomfort or sickness in the body. Black mold is definitely one of them. We found this interesting article that talks about the symptoms of black mold poisoning…

Cause or Symptom

Life is full of choices. We make many of them on a daily basis, some are small and don’t have much impact and others can change the course of our life. How you choose to approach wellness is one of the big choices. Do you choose to follow the allopathic route…

Vaccination, Mercury & Detoxification

Much discussion and debate surrounds these three words today for good purpose. Mercury, Vaccines and Detoxification strike a chord with millions of people for just as many reasons. This article does not serve as means to stoke the fire, place blame on any source…