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How Vitality Helped One Smoker of 35 Years Kick the Habit

It’s no secret that cigarettes contain toxins. If nothing else, most people are aware of nicotine and tar. But until he took a course through a local hospital, Ed Van Der Reep had no idea that they also…

Silver Dental Fillings Can Ruin Your Health

Do you still have your silver dental fillings? Maybe you removed them. Did the dentist protect himself and you when he removed these filling that contain mercury? Exposure to mercury is very dangerous.

Detox Your Brain to Clear Your Mind

Consider for a moment: what do you think is the world’s number one disability? You might imagine it would be something physical, like hearing loss or blindness. In fact, among the nearly one billion people worldwide…

Doubling Down on Detox: Full Spectrum Saunas and Vitality Detox Drops

“Now go take a stick and start stirring up the bottom,” says Robbie Besner, Founder and CEO of Therasage Premium Infrared Products. “All of a sudden the water gets murky. That’s what happens…

What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You: How Environmental Toxins Affect Health

“The true burden of environmentally induced cancers has been grossly underestimated. People are bombarded continually with myriad combinations of…”

Why Fat Won't Go Away: Ending the Vicious Circle of Weight Gain and Toxicity

If you are like the 45 million people who go on a diet every year, spending an estimated $33 billion on weight loss products, odds are you’ve tried and failed to lose weight.

One Leukemia Survivor’s Remarkable Story

“I could hardly walk on my own,” Davis recalls. “I couldn’t even pick up my little 16-pound poodle. I used to be able to curl 315 pounds without much of an issue, and now I couldn’t even pick up this small dog.”

85% of Tampons Contain Monsanto's ‘Cancer Causing' Glyphosate

It doesn't seem to stop. Be aware ladies, this can have a big impact on your health. We are very fortunate to have a product that can get rid of these toxins. “Glyphosate, a widely popular herbicide…”

Zeolite Detoxification

Nature consistently provides a solution to a problem if one does the work to look for it.  When it comes to the removal of environmental toxins and heavy metals a class of volcanic minerals has been proven to eliminate toxins…

It's flu season

It is definitely flu season. We can help! Vitality binds viral particles and moves them safely out of the body. This might be a year old article but nevertheless still very appropriate. With different viruses going around, Vitality might just be what helps…