Feel better after removing Heavy Metals
and other Toxins from your body.

Hydrolyzed Liquid Zeolite

Detox information

Feel better after removing Heavy Metals
and other Toxins out of your body.

Hydrolyzed Liquid Zeolite

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The Importance
of Detoxification

Learn more by watching this video about the importance of detoxification. In order to keep your body functioning optimally, you want to get rid of the toxins and chemicals that we come in contact with daily.

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Detoxing The Body Is Important In Our Polluted World

The body has a unique ability to regenerate, heal and adapt to its environment. That is until the environment becomes too burdensome for the body to adapt. We live in a polluted world; the air you breathe, the food you eat, the skin care you use. We don’t even realize that we come in contact with toxins and chemicals on a daily basis. The body stores them and they are known to cause sickness in the body. As you become more and more toxic your cells don’t function well. You might be sick because you are toxic.

VITALITY Detox Drops can assist in getting rid of toxins so the body can function properly again. The drops have a honeycomb, cage structure and a natural negative charge that acts like a magnet, binding toxins to the cage structure. Some will get trapped within the cage (absorption) and others will attach to the binding sites on the outside of the cage (adsorption). These bound toxins are neutralized while they are still in your system and find their way out through the body’s normal elimination channels.

Detoxing with VITALITY Detox Drops

Why detox the body?

We are exposed to chemicals and toxins on a daily basis. It is in our food, water, air, and skin care products. The body has the ability to heal and regenerate but it needs some help. When you remove the toxins and chemicals, the body gets the chance to function the way it is supposed to.

How does it work?

VITALITY Detox Drops have a honeycomb, cage structure and a natural negative charge that acts like a magnet, binding toxins to the cage structure. These bound toxins are neutralized while they are still in your system and moved out of the body’s normal elimination channels. VITALITY is passive, simple and effective. 

Who can use a detox?

We recommend detoxing to everybody in this polluted world. If you feel fatigued, have no energy, don’t sleep well, you might need a detox. If you know you have certain toxins or chemicals in your body, Vitality Detox Drops can assist in removing them from your body.

Detoxification Processes and Comparison

POWDERED ZEOLITE: These products are not bio-available to the human system. What has made this class of minerals valuable in extracting toxins from soil and waste streams is the fact that it does not mix with water. It is used to separate toxins from water, air, and soil. Even very fine nano particles are not available and only work in the digestive system. Powdered Zeolite does support remove toxins from the digestive track, which is important. They do not provide full body toxin removal.

LIQUID ZEOLITE SUSPENSIONS: Liquid Zeolite products tend to be suspensions of clinoptilolite in water. These are nano or fine particles of clinoptilolite in water. They act like powdered zeolite and do not work throughout the body. Only “Soluble Zeolite Solutions” (Clinoptilolite Fragments) are fully bio-available to the body. Liquid Zeolite Suspension products have very limited systemic activity. There are too many liquid products to discuss anyone in detail, but none get beyond the blood brain barrier and none work through cellular walls. They have limited activity in the body as a whole where toxins are stored.

CITRUS PECTIN (MCP & PECTA-SOL-C): This product has proven effective in removing lead from the system. It is taken is 10 gram daily dosage. The performance on other heavy metal toxins is not as well established. The major issue is Citrus Pectin tends to knock toxins lose in to the blood, but does not bind them as well as hydrolyzed clinoptilolite. Citrus Pectin’s do not work through the blood brain barrier and does not work inside cell walls, as does hydrolyzed clinoptilolite. They do support improvements in cellular health and improve the immune system.

BROKEN CELL WALL CHLORELLA: This is a very important nutrient rich in chlorophyll. The broken wall types can be digested and are bio-available to the body. This helps the body and builds the immune system, but does not help significantly with toxin removal. This is a cellular health product and not a well established toxin remover.

MEDICAL CHELATION SYSTEMS: EDTA, DMSA, DMPS, and BAL are used medically for acute heavy metal toxicity. Each works best on a specific range of toxins. They are effective and have a well know range of side effects. For persons with heavy metal poisoning these are the standard of care.

COMPETITORS HYDROLYZED CLINOPTILOLITE: A process developed specifically for natural toxin removal that works systemically to remove toxins and improve cellular health. It is proven to pass through cell membranes and the blood-brain barrier and until recently there was only Hydrolyzed “soluble” Zeolite solution available that provided systemic delivery. Due to the concentrated strength of this product, it is only available through medical professionals, however, many users have reported strong detoxification symptoms and are only able to continue its use under the close observation of their doctors.

VITALITY Detox Drops – A proprietary Hydrolyzed “Soluble” Zeolite solution: Vitality Detox Drops is 100% bioavailable and proven to pass through cell membranes and the blood-brain barrier. These soluble zeolite fragments are a patent-pending technology for safe, systemic delivery that helps to remove toxins, improve cellular health and support the body’s natural processes. Our proprietary patent-pending technology for safe, bioavailable, systemic delivery is the most advanced formula available today! Test results, including heavy metal challenge tests and live blood cell analysis, show greater efficacy and users report experiencing “zero to none” detoxification symptoms as compared to our competitors “Hydrolyzed” formula.

Whole Body Detoxification can be accomplished using a variety of methods; each one is associated with benefits and problems. Detoxification is a core part of natural health.  These are the major methods used for Detoxification.

Method Benefit Draw Back Comments
Diet & Fasting Mainly for weight loss Very good for colon and intestines. Helps clean the digestive track. Difficult for most people to fast for three to five days. Accumulated toxins are generally not removed. This is a good idea but has limited benefit for most toxins.
Juice Diet
Mainly for weight loss
Easy to take and provides essential nutrients. Mainly general health. Requires investment in juice extractors and special fruits.
Accumulated toxins are generally not removed.
This is a good idea and provides great nutrients, but has limited benefit for most toxins.
Colon Cleansing
7 to 14 day program
Renew Life is leader
Very effective method to clean digestive system. Some liver benefits. Weight loss is best result. Some pain and severe side effects can occur. This is a three or four part system. Costs are about $50 to $100. All these kits do not provide cellular detoxification. These work very well for the digestive system and liver. Many have added probiotics to the system.
Herbal Whole Body Detoxification Mainly for weight loss Works best in kidneys and liver. Some data are backed by science. Most widely used system with fibers. Some individuals have severe reactions. Limited ability to remove accumulated toxins. Not proven beyond weight loss. Cilantro, Chorella, and Thistle are popular. No herbal products have strong data on a range of heavy metals or pesticides. Works mainly on toxins loose in the blood.
Very reasonable cost
Tends to have less impact on system. Vitamin C and E work well. Very limited data on heavy metals or pesticides. Recent Vitamin E reports have some promise. Vitamins help support other methods. Helps support natural systems, but does not address full range of toxins.
Foot Pads & Foot Baths Easy to use system with strong visual results. Pad shows major change. No data on ability to work throughout the body on toxins circulating in the blood. Strong visual results, but limited data on whole body results. Cleans feet well.
Organic extracts and
Broad range of options working on kidneys & liver. Helps with weight loss. Wide range of claims with limited data on how they work. Humic and Fulvic acid are popular. Citrus pectins have some data but limited These cover a range of products and applications.
Most lack strong science.
Most are combined.
Chelation Systems
Physician administered
Leading product is EDTA. Also DMSA and DMPS Both IV and Oral Systems. The IV Chelation works best and has strong history of use. These are well proven methods with known results. The best is a regular IV drip. These products have many draw backs. Must be administered by Physician.
Expensive & Painful.
Powdered Zeolites and related Minerals Long history of use in toxin removal for environmental toxins. Bioavailability and cage structure are critical for effectiveness.

Chlorella can also absorb toxins from the intestines. Because of its ability to bind to heavy metals and other toxins, it makes it a good partner to cilantro.

Cilantro can help remove heavy metals; however it tends to carry these metals to another part of the body. It should be used with other products that will capture heavy metals and remove them from the body.  

Milk Thistle supports the liver functions and prevents toxins from building up in the liver. It helps support liver health and heavy metal removal. Its action is primarily observed in the liver.

Vitamin C has a long history of use in immune system support. Vitamin C helps boost the body’s production of glutathione. It also helps remove free radicals from the body.

Vitamin E works best in removing lead. It works well with Vitamin C. It helps reduce the stress caused by toxins in the body. Some concerns exist regarding high dosages of Vitamin E.

Magnesium supports detoxification and the production of energy process (as ATP), which provides cells with the energy they require for pumping out toxins before, during, and after they accumulate.

Modified Citrus Pectin is found in apples and fruits. It binds heavy metals and some free radicals. It has limited use in detoxification.

Glutathione is the body’s natural detoxification agent. Glutathione helps to remove heavy metals such as cadmium, iron and mercury. It is very difficult to supplement with Glutathione because the human body does not absorb it easily.  

NAC is an amino acid, which can bind heavy metals and stimulates the body’s natural removal systems.  NAC is used to treat acetaminophen over dose. It is used with DMPS to support heavy metal removal.

EDTA is effective in removing heavy metals from the blood; it is the standard, FDA-approved treatment for lead, mercury, aluminum and cadmium poisoning. EDTA may deplete important vitamins and minerals, so daily multivitamin supplementation is required

DMPS is a drug developed in Europe and is widely used to lower heavy metal toxin levels. It is administrated orally by physician. Side effects are common and its use must be monitored.  DMPS is no longer available for purchase in the United States due to removal by the FDA.   

DMSA is used for lead poisoning in children. It is used by some physicians prior to having mercury amalgams removed. This requires physician monitoring due to potential side effects. Unable to permeate cell membranes.  Mobilizes metals in  the body.

Humic & Fulvic Acid are naturally occurring acids used with other detoxification systems. Humic acid is known for immune support. Fulvic acid is known for detoxification and energy support. Neither has undergone extensive safety or performance studies. Both have minimal effects on systemic detoxification.

Clinoptilolite Zeolite is a naturally occurring volcanic mineral formed from the combination of volcanic ash mixing with sea water and blue green algae. Clinoptilolite is the variety of zeolite most associated with detoxification. It is sold as a powder or suspension.  These forms of the zeolite are not bioavailable and provide excellent support to the GI system. It is widely used in environmental toxin and chemical removal. Published and proven to bind a wide range of toxins and chemicals.

Soluble Clinoptilolite Fragments provide a different concept in detoxification via oral chelation. These patented pending forms of hydrolysis create water-soluble zeolite crystalline fragments that are 100% bioavailable and work at subcellular and mitochondrial levels. Preclinical studies have demonstrated the safety and efficacy of soluble zeolite fragments, establishing a foundation for natural health improvement by passively and systemically removing heavy metals, bio-toxins and other environmental toxins.

Ready to get rid of the toxins and chemicals
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