Do you feel tired? Is your head not clear? Don't you sleep well?

  • Vitality Detox Drops assist with detoxing the body systemically
    and help the body function properly again.

How do Vitality Detox Drops work?

  • The drops have a honeycomb structure that acts like a magnet
    and carries toxins passively and gently out of the body.

How long do I take the drops?

  • We call Vitality a ‘Womb to Tomb’ product. It is safe and can be
    used daily in today's toxic world. You might want to get rid of some
    toxins and use it for a couple months or use as a maintenance.

The benefits of Vitality
by Dr. Zyrowski

A Personal Story

Fatigued manA close and personal friend has Lyme disease. He has tried everything in the world but nothing really changed his situation. He is always very tired but continues to work and lead a normal life. From the outside, you wouldn’t notice as he looks great and takes good care of himself. Not too long ago he even started a new business growing Micro-Greens, built a greenhouse, planted his crops and now spends a decent amount of the day tending to his veggies, lots of physical work. When you talk to him and ask how he is doing, he will tell you he feels exhausted the whole day and his energy is extremely low. After getting up, he would rather climb back in bed than starting his day. Some days he would not even feel like taking a shower and jumped back in bed as that was his only option. As if it couldn't be worse an additional challenge from the effects of feeling this way is that he is been battling the waves of depression.

A few months ago I heard about VITALITY Detox Drops and it's benefits and of course, I thought of him immediately. I contacted him and shared that I had heard stories that several individuals with Lyme's disease were experiencing relief from the common symptoms like chronic fatigue. I also warned him that I wasn't sure if it would help, but why not give it a try. He said he would try it, but he had tried so many other things that he didn't have a lot of hope. He is pretty skeptical with new products and I can imagine after years of feeling horrible.

After a week had passed, I called to check in and see how things were going. He was actually feeling much better but said he was also trying a couple of other things so he didn't know if it was the drops or the other things that were helping. In his opinion, he thought it could also be a placebo effect and at this point, I decided to let him be and suggested he continue taking the drops.

accomplished personAfter a couple months passed, he called and told me that he was out of VITALITY Detox Drops and was back to feeling horribly tired and depressed. He had not changed anything else in this life, so he thought that it must be the drops and was hoping I could get him another bottle right away. I provided him with more of the VITALITY Detox Drops as requested and even though he felt so much better when taking them, as a skeptic, he still wasn't 100% sure. Because of this, he repeated the same behavior and stopped using the drops two more times until it became so obvious, he could no longer doubt what it was he was benefiting from.

Shortly after reintroducing the drops back into his daily diet the final time, he called and told me that he could work the entire day, had more than enough energy and he felt he had his life back again. This time, he was convinced that it was most definitely the VITALITY Detox Drops that was giving him a symptom-free life.