Chronic sinus infection gone, energy & overall health vastly improved

I initially used two bottles of the Vitality drops as recommended (10 drops twice per day) and I have to say, I am one happy customer! I started the drops at the suggestion of my chiropractor for a variety of pesky health issues such as low energy, brain fog, general malaise, and recently developed food allergies. After suffering for several years with a chronic, low-grade sinus infection (from a mold exposure) that no amount of antibiotics could touch, I finally have relief. My sinus infection was about 75% improved after the first week and was finally gone after 60 days on the drops. My energy level and overall health is vastly improved as well.  It has been 45 days since I stopped the drops and the sinus infection has not returned. (It ALWAYS came back after completing numerous rounds of antibiotics.)  I have now put my husband on the drops, and also recommended them to several friends. Thanks for a great product!

Susan CataldoCanton, GA

Lyme Disease and Detox Issues – My mind was clearer

  I needed a binder product that wouldn’t be constipating or localized only in the gut. It seems easier to use, and I can add drop by drop to adjust to the appropriate dose. I have chronic Lyme and detox issues. I felt my mind was clearer when I started the product. I have tried off and on many products, and countless attempts at finding something to help detox to only experience herx reactions. I think hydration is a good idea with this product and anytime you need to take it slower you can back off by a drop or two and then gradually increase again.

Angela JustusChandler, AZ

Lyme Disease – symptoms have decreased dramatically

  I have had Lyme Disease for a few years. I tried different therapies and change in diet, but with little success. Since I have been taking Vitality, the symptoms have decreased dramatically. I stopped taking the drops a couple times to see the difference, and indeed, every time I halted taking the drops, my symptoms were back intensely. The drops help me function and made my life a lot better.

Charles S.Olympia, WA

I just want to say thank you for for bringing this product to the market. My two children who have sensory issues since birth have noticed a difference and I have seen the changes in their mood and their willingness to try new things. I haven’t seen light at the end of the tunnel until now

Mary K.Rogers, AR