Vitality Test Results

Proof Positive that Vitality Works

Vitality Detox Drops heavy metal urine test results using a 3rd party lab.

These tests are not an indication of a person's heavy metal toxicity levels but instead, they demonstrate what a person is eliminating before and after using our product.

Samples of urine are taken by the client before and after taking Vitality for 7 days.

  • The baseline test (before) shows the amount of toxins someone is naturally eliminating without taking Vitality.
  • The final test (after) shows the amount of toxins someone is getting rid of while taking Vitality.

What is demonstrated is that the amount of toxins shown in the 2nd test (after) are higher because Vitality enters the body and begins working systemically to gather and bind these foreign heavy metal toxins.

This type of testing is completely safe as Vitality is a true binder that doesn’t just stir up heavy metals but gathers, binds and removes them.

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Heavy Metal Urine Test Results from our Clients