What is Zeolite?

Natural zeolites were formed thousands of years ago when volcanic ash reacted with seawater. Unique in nature, zeolite is a negatively charged natural mineral whose honeycomb cage structure binds and traps toxic metals, such as mercury, cadmium, lead, Cesium-137, and strontium–90. C.

Vitality Detox Drops Solubilized Clinoptilolite fragments are pure and clean. The process of hydrolysis breaks apart the structure of the honeycomb cage and cleans the binding sites of the fragments leaving them open and unobstructed. This is proven with heavy metal and chemical analysis of the solubilized Clinoptilolite concentrate.

Vitality Detox drop hydrolyzed zeolite is capable of crossing cell membranes. This includes the GI tract, adipose and tissue cells as well as the blood brain barrier, central nervous system and mitochondrial walls. This allows these amazing particles to get into the most important parts of the body where toxins are sequestered. The honeycomb cage structure binds and passively removes the toxins.

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